Service Agreement ("Agreement") is a legal contract between 8 Elements Ltd. ("Company") and you ("You") to use or enter games or applications. Any 8 Element’s product ("Service") will be considered that you have read, understood and accepted to be bound by this agreement. 8 Elements reserves the right to modify or change these agreements at any time based the company needs and appropriate. You agree to be bound by the changes and modifications.

As a user, you have to check the agreement periodically. By continued use of the Service, any modifications or additions will assume that you have accepted the changed agreement. If you do not accept the agreement, you must stop using the Service and cancel various user accounts that you created in this Service.

If you violate the agreement, 8 Elements reserves the right to warn you about the violation, block or suspend one of your accounts or all user accounts created through the Service immediately. 8 Elements reserves the right to block or suspend your access to the Service without notification in advance which may violate the agreements. immediately You agree that 8 Elements are not required to notify you before canceling or suspending your account.

You agree that 8 Elements may stop the service or change the content of the service at any time with any reason. And you have no right to sue 8 Elements according to this agreement.

You represent that you are 13 years of age or above. And if you are between 13-18 years old, you certify that your legal representatives have read and accepted this agreement.


Everything that is part of the service (Including but not limited by designs, texts, images, animations, data, applications, softwares, musics, sounds, other selected files and arrays) have legal protection from unauthorized use. All contents of the service are copyrighted under the copyright laws of the Shenzhen Shouyou Network Science and Technology Co. Ltd. and or equivalent laws in the jurisdiction of other countries.
You agree that you will not make changes, copy, distribute, reproduce, download, post, transfer or sell contents in any form or in any part or all without the prior written from 8Elements. Any duplication or redistribution of various content that does not comply with this agreement is prohibited and may result in severe law and criminal penalties.
8 Elements as the licensee for will remain the owner of the rights, names and benefits which includes copyright and other intellectual property rights. Everything in the Service or related event you know that using the Service or accessing anything that is in the Service will not make you the owner of that right.
8 Elements allows you to use the service as a personal, not comprehensive, not transferable to others, and can not be withdrawn. You have limited scope to view and use related Service only. Permission to use your service is restricted according to these agreements.


You agree to publish the content ("User Content") in the service by using the technology and tools that the 8Elements has to offer. You understand and agree that you cannot distribute, sell, transfer or allow others to use the content and or applications in any country or in social networks or other media without receiving written permission from 8 Elements. You grant the 8 Elements the right to act on your behalf as an application provider.
8 Elements can publish or upload information, text, images, selecting and compiling them. Users can not upload to the Service either in whole or in part to be used for commercial purposes, other non-commercial or promotion objectives.
Messages, images, photos that 8 Elements upload will be responsible by 8 Elements as content creator. 8 Elements have rights to control the User Content, but not guarantee the accuracy, quality or incompleteness of User Content posted through the 8 Elements application.
You agree that you may find offensive things using 8 Elements contents, and you agree that 8 Elements will not be responsible for the contents. Any error, damage or loss that arises from the use of content in any case will be full responsibility by the user. 8 Elements reserves the right to remove or delete any User Content which may not be notified in advance.


Currency or Virtual Goods in games are using Virtual Currency ("Virtual Currency"). You may have to pay Real Money (“Real Money") to acquire Virtual Currency. The currency cannot be exchanged for money, goods or items that are worth any reason. You understand that you do not have the right to exchange items in games for Virtual Currency or Real Money.
You cannot request a refund, a change or request a transfer except for 8 Elements. You cannot buy, sell or exchange Virtual Currency in addition to the service. Every action is considered as a violation of the agreement and may cause your account being blocked or suspended. 8 Elements have the right to edit, manage, control or eliminate all Virtual Currency inside the product. Prices and availability of virtual items in the game may be changed without prior notice.


8 Elements Service may include Communication Channels such as forums, social media, or chatting hannels ("Communication Channels"). Communication Channels enabled you to communicate with 8 Elements and other users.
8 Elements does not need to watch these Communication Channels, but reserves the right to check what is posted on these Communication Channels and can delete any content at any time, which is abusive or inappropriate terms.
8 Elements may block or suspend your Communication Channels at any time without notification in advance and not having to report the reason.
You agree that every message posted by users in Communication Channels is not fully controlled, validated and approved by 8 Elements. 8 Elements is not responsible for any user actions in any Communication Channel from any case.
You agree that all Communication Channels are considered for public consumption. You will not receive any privacy from using Communication Channels. Any information you choose to share in Communication Channels is considered legal for other users.
You are agree that you will not use the Service to perform these actions:
Post, upload, transfer or disseminate information that is inappropriate, disgusting, vulgar, or sexually explicit (nude pictures).
Causing defame, ridicule, laugh, humiliate, disturb, extort, persecute or insult related with skin color, race, religion or any destructive action.
Upload or transfer files containing Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Time Bombs, Cancelbots Files or other similar programs which cause damage to the Service or other user gadgets.
Violation of contract rights, personal rights, property rights or any other rights, including upload, download, transfer, distribution or making of any information that can be accessed through the Service as copyright violation of trademark, patent, trade secret or any other rights (including the right to privacy or publicity).
Try to obtain passwords or other personal information of other members.
Fake reporting to online winners through Communication Channels or using inappropriate notification.
Develop, distribute or notify other members about Bots, Automatic, Macro, or other cheating programs or applications.
Abuse of game Bugs, Flaws or Errors by distributing or notifying other users, which can gain personal advantages whether intentional or not.
Promote or encourage illegal actions which includes hacking, cracking, distributing fake software through Service.


You agree the use of the Service is solely at your own risk. 8 Elements management and officers will not be responsible for any warranty related to the website and use of your website, whether it is explicit or implicit, includes names, accuracy, items, suitability or other contents liable for:
Defects, errors or inaccuracies data in content requesting.
Damage to any person or item of any kind based from access of the Service.
Access to a secure server or access to all personal information or financial information recorded.
Disruption or stopping the transmission of data to or from the service.
Bugs, Viruses, Trojans, or other things In the same way that it may be sent to or transmitted by third party Service, and Errors, omissions, damage or loss of all content forms as a result of the use of content that is posted, sent or made accessible through the service.
8 Elements agents, contractors, partners or any third party, whether it is causing direct or indirect damage, which includes loss of profit or information arising from the use of the Service or any content that is on, accessed through or downloaded from the service whether referring to warranties, contracts, violations, or any other legal theory. The restrictions on the responsibilities mentioned above will be used to the fullest extent that the law permits in the scope of the relevant authority.
You agree and acknowledge that 8 Elements will not be liable for the user submitting anything that is defamatory, threatening or violating any laws against any third party and any risks and damages From the above, this will be in all your liability.
You agree to pay any compensation by or resulting from losses, liability, accusations, claims, damages, charges pay, which includes reasonable attorneys' fees arising from or in related with:
Your use and access to the Service Your violation of the rights of third parties Including copyright and privacy rights Allegations that user content you submit to the service is a result of damage from third parties, or Any content you post or share on or through Service


To prevent problems caused by various criminal actions, 8 Elements have a policy regarding refunds as follows:
8 Elements have the right to refuse any refunds. In all cases, if the transaction is completed, you must check the accuracy in every confirmation.
Assets, items and information in the account Including gifts or prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.
In the topup event that you were harmed because stolen or stealing information, you have to deal with the suspects. 8 Elements will not be responsible for any damage caused.
8 Elements do not accept any requests for refund requests and damage caused by your own.


Access to or use of this Service indicates that you agree to this service agreement
Any conflicts which may occur between you and 8 Elements is subject to the laws of in the jurisdiction of Indonesia only, without against the principles of conflicting laws.
You have consented and excluded protection regarding the lack of jurisdiction according to individual principles. And requesting the court to sell the case because there are other more appropriate courts About the location and scope of power in Indonesia.
8 Elements reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time without prior notice. And it is your responsibility to read this agreement to learn about these changes. The use of 8 Elements service after the agreement has been changed considering you accepted the modified agreement.

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