It tells the story of different faiths for different races of Nowlin. The heroes are divided between light and dark camp, everything turns into chaos and confrontation.
The ancient Gods, who had been sealed up for thousands years ago are waiting for revenge.


There are single or party challenges you need to complete. Defeat many enemies inside the dungeons, get the rewards, and become stronger to face your legion war. Experience 4 type of battle which includes: TVE, PVE, GVG and PVP.

Melee physical attack

Strong life and high attack,
good at resisting all kind of attack.
"The SINS of those who fight valiantly against the dead will be forgiven, and the glory will live forever in heaven!”

Ranged physical attack

Flexible and elegant, proficient in control.
“Life always blooms in the darkest places”

Melee physical attack

High speed, high critical damage,
good at killing in silence.
“Born in the shadow, walking in the night,
I am not the beginning, nor the end!”

Ranged magic attack

High damage, more kinds of skills to attack and defend.
“Nobody can live longer than truth,
faith, magic,and power!”

Ranged magic support

Survival and treatment ability,
good at teamwork, and strong support for the team.
"May my light always be with you"



Lift up your pickaxe and start gathering your minerals.


Follow the scent trail of the plants to get cloth materials.


Kill them on sight and collect their parts for your needs.


The water is calm, today is a good day to get some fish.

it’s your turn!

  • Join with millions of people in Rise Of Nowlin adventure.
  • Participate in event, social media, and group to give you benefit from the community.
  • Call your members from the past and reunite once again.
  • Fight on the medieval era to prove your existences and claim your throne.